The Coma Mysteries

Girl in the Woods

   It's 1966 and Abbey Roads suddenly awakens in a mysterious  old sanitarium in the meadows, Castlereagh. Having been in and out of a coma her whole life, she is relieved to find she has been taken in by an enigmatic doctor, Arthur, who is both intelligent and curious.

Only two other patients are kept with her, a younger man, Nigel, and a strikingly handsome man with an intriguing past, Rupert Valentine.

        The doctor wants to learn from their conditions and help them awaken more often, but also has more planned for her, her new friends suggesting that she is the key.

              Their small group shares a love of unsolved mysteries and discusses them often in the oversized, mostly empty historical building.

During his research, the doctor has inadvertently discovered a way to communicate with them while they are unconscious. Now Abbey and her stylish and endearing nurse friends, Felix and Clara, can meet the comatose men in an ethereal space in their minds.

But more than that, the doctor has stumbled upon a way to solve those mysteries that they all find so intriguing, giving them a chance to witness what happened, by sending them into the past.

A mysterious building, a secret room, a journey into the past, Girl in the Woods, will captivate you and hold you spellbound.

Boy in the Coffin

It's early 1967 and after six weeks of unconsciousness, Abbey Roads wakes into a harsh winter storm. Within minutes she comes face to face with the apparition of an 18th century boy and that's when she knows nothing is going to be the same.
It's been over six months since she awoke into the beautiful historic sanitarium in the hills, Castlereagh and she has come to love her life there. But little did they know this majestic building harbored some dark secrets. The day after she sees the boy, some workmen come to fix some broken pipes, they soon find a group of coffins buried beneath the old manor house.
After the kindhearted genius doctor, Arthur Cromwell, had taken her under his wing and into his confidence, she learned of his unique abilities. Not only did he work out how to communicate with his unconscious patients, he stumbled upon a way to send their minds into the past.
While he and Abbey share a love of unsolved mysteries, she and the other occupants of Castlereagh, have gone on missions to learn what happened to the many cases that, until now, remain unresolved.
But this case is personal and with the handsome and dashing Rupert, and the uniquely brilliant, Nigel at her side, she is determined to find answers about this boy. 
Along with her nurses, Felix and Clara, who have their own hands full with lost love and adventure, Castlereagh's eclectic dreamers band together to investigate what happened to the boy and the other children found beneath their foundations.
And as they go into the past to rewrite history,they inadvertently discover what's necessary to face their future.
Boy in the Coffin will whisk you away, open your eyes and captivate your mind, compelling you to ask, what if?

Man in the Morgue

Bog bodies with missing flesh, a man covered in crosses in a moonlit graveyard and the Grim Reaper visits… The summer of 1968 is going to bring some epic changes! Recent mummified remains of children have been discovered in a bog not far from Wyntringham, mirroring a case that happened in the 1700s.

Bennet, Abbey's dashing ancestor and his best friend, Phineas, who runs a makeshift morgue and oddity museum, had unsuccessfully tried to work out the killer in their own time.

Now someone with a taste for flesh is roaming free somewhere and time is of the essence. Abbey Roads, the unofficially designated leader of their eclectic group, has been in the old sanitarium for a couple of years now. While her condition keeps her in and out of consciousness, the doctor, Arthur Cromwell, and her nurse companions, Felix and Clara, keep her busy with time travel and unsolved mysteries.

Rupert Valentine, the most debonair talented patient in any hospital, has been thriving under a new treatment and has gotten a job on a new TV show.

Meanwhile, Arthur's missing brother case is revived and Abbey becomes terminally ill. But the biggest question of all is how did Bennet Fairfax, the eighteenth century gentleman who frequents his friend's morgue, happen to be in possession of a 1950s voice recorder? In, Man in the Morgue, the past and the present meet and chaos reigns, but this group of stylish hospitalites are up for the challenge.

Woman in the Wall 

The Fourth in the Coma Mysteries.From the author of the popular, Afterlife Series.For the small group of Coma Patients and nurses at Castlereagh, 1969 begins with grief and uncertainty.With the loss of someone they love, it is back to the drawing board with their visits to the past and their investigations into unsolved mysteries.Starting again, Abbey Roads now has her ancestor and his friend from the 1700s at their disposal using their own primitive time machine. But the ever curious Doct

or, Arthur Cromwell, has proposed they do something they have never done before; look into a current unsolved mystery.While they are busied trying to see if two famous Victorian era murder mysteries are linked to each other, Rupert is filming a new movie and Felix's romance is heating up. With their lives already confused and chaotic, they are now frantic to look for two girls that have gone missing close to Wyntringham.Time is of the essence and even with their current obstacles; they realize the significance of their new work and how it suddenly comes down to a matter of life and death. In, Woman in the Wall, the groovy hospital-ites band together with a couple of dapper eighteenth century gentlemen on a quest they'll never forget. And one thing is for sure; every second counts.

1. Girl in the Woods

2. Boy in the Coffin 

3. Man in the Morgue 

4. Woman in the Wall

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