Quotes of Inspiration






Quotes of Inspiration

From the Author of the popular Afterlife Series. The trio of Inspiration books are books for those who seek guidance,  perspective and peace.

For thinkers and dreamers, these a wonderful collection of inspirational quotes, whimsical musings and thought provoking visions for anyone wanting to connect with the big picture.

Wonderful coffee table books or gifts, each book includes a genuine antique photograph

to connect with a love of history.

All of the quotes within are written by Author, Bambi Harris

'A beautiful gathering of profound thoughts from a beautifully poetic soul...I keep this book on my coffee table, so I can read a few quotes daily and gather a sense of calm...it always brightens my day reading Bambi's loving words...a must read for all!!!'

Amazon review 5 stars


Hope and Harmony

Tender Awakening


Imperfect Beings

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