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The Mourning Storm

In 1927, Maybelle Rosewood, an orphaned maid, inherits, Wistful Pine,

an abandoned 1830s house.  After a violent flood destroys a lot of her new village, the consistently foggy and mysterious, Eerie Bluff, her and her dog, Horatio, start their life anew.   An older woman, Aubree, and a boy, Darwin, find her and together they are able to find refuge in the hills and retreat from the destruction.

She tries to revive the house which has been abandoned for thirty years, and in doing so comes across the diaries of the prior residents in an old Victorian trunk.
But not all is as it would seem.
Disembodied voices share glimpses of the past through her broken radio and she encounters strange dwellers in the woods around her.
Strangest of all is the mysterious handsome man, Henry Tempest, who appears at her side through the fog and shares his observations with her. It seems others are frightened of him and yet she has never been so captivated.
As she begins to settle into her new life, she starts to ponder an old set of murders that the newspapers are writing about. Her and Aubree pour over the details and bring the history of the village alive again.
The Mourning Storm will take you on a subtle eerie journey through the strange woods of the past and immerse you in suspense and intrigue while simultaneously bewitching your dreams.


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