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Death and Other Inconveniences introduced a magical and unpredictable series I thoroughly enjoyed. This flagship book enters much darker territory, and does so successfully without losing the author's primary storytelling strengths: meticulous detail, likeable characters, and unpredictable events.

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Bambi Harris not only realistically captured the essence of how so many sense those who have passed and life's synchronicities, but also wove a loving sensitive story of mystery, murder and the fragile psyche of human life

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'Good men are their own lights on the dark path'....

The Tintype Cadavers

Claude Deering is a unique man with a unique occupation. 
He lives a peaceful existence; drinking coffee, contemplating life and taking photographs of deceased people for a living. 

The year is 1877 and living in the woods on the outskirts of Bracken Knell, the photographer is doing his best just to make peace with the world since his wife died a year prior. 
Having opened his home to some abandoned innocents, little does he know his life is

about to take a dramatic turn. 
A boy is killed in the streets, a woman dies in his arms and skeletons are discovered on his property. 
If that wasn't enough, a specter is beginning to appear in his pictures. 
He is compelled to involve himself in the mystery of it all, being drawn in by his childhood friend, the kind and charismatic, policeman, Simeon. 
Little hope is offered for a resolution when new bodies, some twenty five years later, turn up. 
The Tintype Cadavers is the first in The Memento Mortis Series and is sure to make you perceive life and death and charity in a new way.

'Good men are their own lights on the dark path'....

2. The Corpus Vagabond

3. The Graveyard Apothecary

4. The Reaper's Squire 


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