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The Cobblestone Celestials

         A young man, Gilpin, discovers an attractive woman unconscious on the cobblestone path beside the theater he resides in.
The year is 1918 and many men and women have left for the war, a good portion of those remaining have died of the Spanish Flu. The woman is not ill but when she awakens she realizes she has lost her memory.
While staying at the theater , Olly, a name she has taken from an ad on a wall, witnesses many mysterious exchanges and strange phenomena.
As she begins to dream of a faceless man who she is certain she promised her heart to, she tries to suppress her attraction for the enigmatic theater owner, Ehren.
The Cobblestone Celestials is an intriguing tale of unfolding secrets and new awakenings. A contemplative and endearing journey of a woman who seeks her past under mysterious circumstances

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