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The Undisclosed

It's 1953 and Miriam Day, an unmarried thirty something

librarian is about to have her life turned upside down.
Having just suffered the loss of her best friend and father, Bernard, she is trying to contend with life alone. But her healing is thwarted when she is handed a letter that            her father wrote upon her birth where he alludes to the

possibility of being murdered.
          After looking through some memories, she first comes upon some old                         photographs of a strange group of people during the First World War. Shortly after she finds a stash of hidden newspaper advertisements that he had collected over forty years, a secret code intermingled within them. When she contacts the newspaper, a mysterious stranger turns up on her doorstep asking questions and she is not sure whether to trust him or fear him.
The photographs of the secret group and the handwritten codes with evidence of a large scale murder mean they have a lot cut out for them. But neither of them is prepared for the magnitude of their discoveries.
With men having watched her from dark windowed cars all of her life, she always knew her father had once been involved in something highly secretive. Nevertheless, she and the enigmatic detective, Ambrose Lawrence, begin to investigate her father's past and open up a whole new world.
The Undisclosed is a mystery that revives the past and expands the horizons. It is an addictive yesteryear mystery that is sure to enthrall, intrigue and endearingly affect.

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