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The Vanished Captain's Ring

           Susan Richards, a young Australian woman, has arranged to meet and stay with her uncle at his place in a suburb of London, England, where her father is buried. When she visits her father's grave, she discovers an old photograph on the headstone of a MIA navy captain from WWI. Soon after, she finds a strange ring on the bank of the River Thames, a ring that causes her to dream of a man and a deserted beach covered with ruins of ships and planes.
          Compelled to search for answers, she befriends two young men whose grandfathers are connected to the captain, one of whom went missing in a manner much like the captain. Together, the three try to piece through the past and its labyrinth of unanswered questions. This adventurous tale leads our young woman through London, Denmark, and the Devil's Triangle, and eventually to a mysterious other world The Vanished Captain's Ring is full of likable characters, aliens, other-worldly creatures, compelling plot twists, and a romance that breaks the boundaries of time and space.

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