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The Antiquarian

    In 1947 Hollis McCrae looks back on his youth; his newspaper boy days, his hoarding                          grandmother who took him into her centuries old inn,

and the day he began seeing the dead.

Haunting events of the past are ingrained in the memory of the restless town of Grayforte. When eight year old Hollis is nearly killed, his senses are suddenly awakened to visions of the past and spirits that intermittently roam around him.

       His childhood is occupied with his paper route, his dog, and floors of box filled                       rooms. Already beginning his new life with tragedy, he is caught up in the                      mystery of what happened to young girls that are suddenly going missing. While       he sees glimpses of the past and old events unfold in front of him, a killer is lurking in the shadows of their large town and no one knows where he will strike next.

Fifty years later he is an antiquarian, having inherited Kingshead, the old haunted inn and living a quiet life the best he can. When a self retired movie star enters his shop and his young friend, Sam, brings in a box of old photographs, his life is thrown into a new turmoil.

Soon the wounded spirits of the past begin to haunt him more frequently; murder, sorrow and confusion abounds. When he recognizes a couple of the young girls in the photographs as the missing girls from his youth, he is quick to review all that he had witnessed.The Antiquarian will hold you at the edge of your seat while lulling you into the eerie world of the beyond.A unique intriguing story, it delves into tragedy while illuminating hope and might just compel one to seek solitude from the walls of an ancient inn.

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