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The Porcelain Bones

When one digs up old secrets, the dead become restless. Genevieve Belmont arrives                                    at the partial ruins of Claremonde Hall on a dark rainy night in the late summer of 1931. Employed to be the attendant of the mysterious and scarred, Lord Noble McKinley, she is quickly taken under his wing and encouraged to explore the vast estate. Living in the fifteenth century servant's quarters with her charming employer and his dog, Simon, she tries to learn of the fire that put him and Claremonde into ruins.

             The fire in the magnificent hall kept the remaining building in tact like a time capsule, and through her explorations, Genevieve discovers more than she could ever imagine. Coming upon the journals of Noble's deceased older brother, Valor, she begins to unravel all that led to the fire. But delving into the history of his mother and sister and father, a fractured family is revealed. When her and Clemens, the estate's curious driver, discover photographs of some pale red haired women in the creek, ghostly protests arise.

While they are being watched from beyond and accosted by those that move around them, they hasten their search for the history of the porcelain women.

From her own turmoil filled background, Genevieve's findings bring to light the fragile nature of man while making one question the gray area of those that suffer and those who inflict. The Porcelain Bones is an eerie tale of hidden secrets, struggle and tragedy, but just like life, it is a story of love and triumph and hope.


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