The Ominous Trilogy

Eerie Bluff

The first in The Ominous Trilogy


It's the summer of 1933 and an ominous unending fog descends upon the small village of Eerie Bluff.

Flora Ashbourne's life is irrevocably changed when she stumbles upon the body of a woman in the river beneath a medieval bridge.

An unearthly scream echoes through the forest while mysterious deaths leave scars of ancient human sacrifices.

While Flora and her friend, Clemence, try to keep the fog at bay, three enigmatic strangers arrive to secretly investigate.

Second Book in The Ominous Trilogy

Currently being written as of May 2020



Third book in The Ominous Trilogy

Set for late 2020

Weeping Creek

Ghost Lake

1. Girl in the Woods

2. Boy in the Coffin 

3. Man in the Morgue 

4. Woman in the Wall

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